Further Economics with Justice

Further Economics with Justice

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Our Further Economics study group, for those who have attended the first three parts of Economics with Justice

Term Dates: 18 January - 4 April 2021 (half term 15 - 21 February)

Anyone who has completed the 3 terms of Economics with Justice is welcome to join this lively group on Wednesday evenings, starting 20 January 2021 at 7 pm.

The September 2020 programme studied the important topic of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) through Stephanie Kelton’s “The Deficit Myth” and parallel consideration of the relevance of economic rent. One significant aspect of MMT is the shift in a government’s focus from balancing the budget to balancing the economy itself; this requires the exercise of great responsibility.

The January 2021 programme explores individual and collective responsibility through various topic areas: national economy; capital and investment; finance, credit and money; use of Mother Earth’s resources; energy; international trade, aid and relationships; productive and creative activity; wellbeing and sufficiency; food. This covers similar ground to the new Economics with Justice part 3 course, but with the greater depth and breadth possible through previous studies. For reference, here is the Part 3 course description:

Responsibility, our ability to respond, is relevant to every aspect of economic relationships with others and with the world in which we live. The course considers what is needed to support this ability to respond, such as understanding, the sense of empathy or interconnectedness, and the extent to which there is recognition of wholeness or unity. This can apply to individuals and to collectives such as communities, nations or even all humankind.

Join our lively discourses on Economics with Justice. Enrol today for January start of term. Classes will be on Zoom, each session being 75 minutes long.