Further Economics with Justice

Further Economics with Justice

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Our Further Economics study group, for those who have attended the first three parts of Economics with Justice

Anyone who has completed the 3 terms of Economics with Justice is welcome to join this lively group on Wednesday evenings, starting 23rd September 2020 at 7 pm. New students will be able to join in a voluntary "catch-up" session on request.

The Summer 2020 programme was devoted to a small number of study projects which were generally pursued individually and periodically reported to the group and discussed. The combination of individual enthusiasm and the support and collective understanding offered by the whole group worked well.

The Autumn 2020 programme will take on the important topic of Modern Monetary Theory through collective study of Stephanie Kelton’s new book “The Deficit Myth”. This will involve preparatory reading each week with our choice extracts shared and then discussed in the class. Unlike some MMT studies, we will be considering the relevance of economic rent to the idea of governments spending money into the economy. With the massive injections of new central bank money of recent times, this subject has acquired a new significance.

There will be no equations or graphs, but will be interest, goodwill and enthusiasm. If you wish to understand something of the benefits and pitfalls of Modern Monetary Theory, come and join us.