Gift of Wisdom - Introductory Economics with Justice

Gift of Wisdom - Introductory Economics with Justice

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This in person course will be offered in our London School location, at the following address: 11 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 3AJ.
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This gift can be redeemed as either an online or in-person course.

The recipient should select the course at a date and time that suits them from the courses we have available in the Spring term.

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Term Dates: 15 January - 30 March 2024 (half-term w/c 12 Feb)

Introductory Economics with Justice

History shows that whenever people work together, they can create great wealth. But for you to get rich do I have to suffer? For me to get rich do you have to be poor? If we both want to prosper can we do it without impoverishing someone else?

But how can we do better? This vital and challenging question is at the heart of our courses. So many of today’s ills spring from the prevailing concept of economics being independent of fairness and morality.

This 10 session course addresses economics as a human subject, the study of relationships between individuals, institutions and communities; based on human values. Hence the importance of what we value, what ethical standing we hold. Each session features a topic presentation designed to encourage discussion and reflection. Come and join us in this fascinating exploration.

FREE Taster Session for Economics with Justice! London, Wednesday 10 January. All welcome.