Saturday 11:15am - Māṇdūkya Upanișad

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Time:  11:15am - 12:30pm on Saturdays (BST)

Term Date:  07 May - 16 July

Half Term:  04 June

Presenter: Rev Dr. Stephen Thompson, BSc Sociology (London), BD Theology (Kings London), BA Sanskrit (SOAS), MPhil, PhD Centre for Advanced Sanskrit Studies (Poona), Diploma in Ministry

"What I love about the Gītā and Upanișads is the sheer perfection of Sanskrit sound and the sublime wisdom which brings us to experience the freedom the scripture describes" - Stephen Thompson

 We aim to learn all 12 verses of the Upanișad gradually in Sanskrit and English, and study Gauḍapāda verses as well as Śaṅkara’s bhāșya on both.

 All are welcome, though some prior knowledge of Sanskrit would be helpful.

Full support given with recordings , translations and transliteration.