Sunday 10:00am - A new way of seeing

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Time:   10:00am - 11:00am (BST)

Dates:  Sunday 28 March, 4 April, 11 April

Presenter: Zara Wilkins

This three session course aims to demonstrate how the power of attending to the present can allow your creativity to flourish. These classes will focus on observational drawing of still life and landscapes and will cover multiple techniques of drawing and mindfulness.

Main aims for the course: 

  1. To explore making creativity more about the journey and the process rather than the end goal.

  2. To let go of being ‘good or bad’ at drawing, meaning we are more free to be creative and spontaneous. 

  3. To learn a way of practising that is sustainable and won’t peter out.

  4. To learn to use drawing as a way of coming into the present moment.

  5. To use drawing as a way of connecting to everyday beauty, thus improving our daily quality of life


30+ sheets of A4 printer paper, pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler

Who’s it for?

  • Everyone

  • Maximum of 40 participants per session

Welcome and Line

In this first session we will cover three methods of drawing. These methods aim to bring us away from the idea of creating a ‘pretty picture’ and will focus our intention on the present moment. We will look at the two points of focus that are used when doing an observational drawing and how they can help us to develop the power of attention.


In this session we will be focusing on form. This means a more structural and technical approach to drawing. We will take a look at how our labels and ideas of things can affect the way we see and record. We will also look at how our thoughts affect our drawing and ways we can come to more stillness in creativity.


In this session about movement we will focus on the more emotional side of drawing. We will explore how to bring life and movement into our image. This contrasts to the last lesson which is a more structured approach. Both methods are equally valuable and over time will be combined after lots of practise. We will also go through an altered awareness exercise that involves the sense of sight, in which we will practise drawing from a place of stillness.

Each week there will be some homework to try out. This is to allow us to explore in more depth what we have learned during the sessions and discuss what we have found out. This will also help us to get into the habit of drawing being something that is part of our normal life.