Tuesday 7:15pm - By Chance or Nature's Changing Course

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Time: 7:15pm - 8:15pm on Tuesdays (BST)

Term Date: 3 October - 5 December 2023

Half Term: 25 October

Presenter: Neville Wortman, former BBCtv staff Entertainment producer, director.

This is a Course where you and I each have a Diary in ‘spoken’ form A Life Diary for each of us.

I recall at age four my first teacher, Miss Dormer who introduced and inspired me to Shakespeare and Roman History. How did she know? You perhaps may also remember and speak about times, events and such people in your life. For me at age six. It is outbreak of WWII with all the developing incidents, opportunities and challenges unfolding, as time goes by.

In this unique Course we each come together as our individual Diaries unfold. Join us with your memories of this journey of life, contributing observations and questions when you wish, along the way.

It’s all about those chances, inspirations and opportunities gained and lost in life.
If only we had acted differently.

And yet?

Currently conducted online via Zoom

Number of days on this course may be limited