Thursday 7:00pm - Cultural Cycles and Climate Change

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Time: 7:00pm - 8:15pm on Thursdays (BST)

Term Date:  28 September - 7 December 2023

Half Term: October 26

Presenter: Paul Palmarozza

New students only.

What is the state of our culture? There's great wealth, advanced scientific thought and technology, but also excessive desire for wealth, power, fame and pleasure, causing stress, depression and a weakening of the basic element of any culture, the family.

In a new book, Cultural Cycles and Climate Change, Paul Palmarozza offers guidance on calming the mind and emotions through meditation, mindfulness and contemplation, leading to living natural values and a more natural tendency to serve the needs of others.

The course examines key elements in the history of the Western, Indian, Chinese, and Arab cultures over 2500 years, using an unique 854 year cultural cycle. Important lessons were learned from the analysis which provide useful insights into the best way to respond to today’s challenges.

The Cultural Cycles and Climate Change book is available on the School's online bookshop and on Amazon.

Classes will be held online via Zoom.