Saturday 11:15am - Āyurveda and the Principles of Wellbeing

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Time:  11:15am - 12:30pm on Saturdays (BST)

Term Date: 02 October - 11 December

Half Term: 30 October

Presenter: Linda Thompson MSc (ayurvedic medicine)

There is more to health, happiness and wellbeing than what appear as symptoms in the physical body. Āyurveda presents us with the light of knowledge in holistic healing, inspired by philosophy and practiced for centuries in India. The main focus is balance and harmony between the mind, soul and body for maintaining health and preventing disease. The most important element to healing in Āyurveda is consciousness. It is the source of life in a human being, and the underlying connection between individuals. Wellness encompasses emotional stability, clear thinking, the ability to love, create, embrace change, exercise intuition and experience a continuing sense of spirituality.

Classes will be held online via Zoom.