Economics and Law Week 2021

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7pm Sunday 22nd to 11am Sunday 29th August 2021 (UK time)

Economics with Justice is the practical application of Advaita philosophy as it operates in society. It was how the School began and it remains at the heart of the School's studies. The summer weeks over the last few years have been excellent in deepening the understanding that there is no essential difference between the spiritual and the economic laws. They are open both to experienced students and those who have not had the chance to study economics before. I hope that as many as possible will avail themselves of this opportunity.

- Donald Lambie

You are cordially invited to attend this year’s Conference with its parallel themes of Economics and Law. It is organised with both on-site residential* and virtual on-line access. The Residential programme has plenary sessions, themed studies, elective studies and a field trip. The On-Line programme will follow where possible, with local (time-zone) arrangements for some sessions. Any work from the week will be presented during the final weekend.

* Subject to the prevailing coronavirus policy at the time.

Economics Theme

The new Introductory Economics with Justice course explores principles conducive to prosperity and freedom for all individuals, families and communities. Such ideals can uplift and inspire, but can they become practical and a way of life in the world of today? The answer will depend on individuals being inspired to change, but what practical policies could governments implement that enshrine such principles? The week will explore principled policies that inspire change for the benefit of all. Qualifications are that anyone who has completed the Introductory Economics course can attend on-line, but for the residential, completion of the Part 2 Economics course is necessary.

Law Theme

Economic laws and the Common Law are both expressions of the balance, unity, and justice in a society. We have this in part in our world, but can we accept the challenge of discovering the Natural Law from which these derive, in its fullness, and understanding and restating in particular the Common Law, allowing it to operate for the benefit of all with the co-operation of all? On this week the lawyers will explore the deeper meaning behind "A Law for All Time". Anyone with an interest in Law and Justice and currently attending a Philosophy, Economics or Law course in the School can attend.