Economics Symposium 2022: 17 July

Economics Symposium 2022: 17 July

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Economics Symposium 2022: Focus on Money

Online- Sunday 17th July 2022, 9.00am to 4.00pm

Money plays such an important part in our lives, but do we really understand what it is, where it comes from, and how it can best serve community and nation? Join this event to discover and discuss some important developments in understanding money, banking, and national finance. The presenters have all been inspired by the consequences of past misunderstandings and work towards a more equitable and just use of money and public finance for the future.

The Speakers are James Moore, Community Savings Banks Association,  Andrew Berkley, lead author of An Accounting Model of the UK Exchequer, Jack Mosse, author of The Pound and the Fury, and speakers from the School of Philosophy and Economic Science on the essential nature of money and its effect on lives around the world.

09.00 - 09.10    Introduction from the Chair,  Richard Glover

09.10 - 10.10  The Nature of Money   SPES
Its mystery and illusion; its foundation in trust; its vitality for community and nation; its many forms; where it goes wrong.           

10.30-11.30    Community Banks    James Moore,  CSBA

Flaws in the current system, the need for community banks, how Community banks function and the role of the CSBA in promoting and supporting them. 


 12.40-13.40    Government Finance     Andrew Berkley
How government finance works, based on the book for which he was he was lead author  An Accounting Model of the UK Exchequer.                        

14.00-15.00    The Pound and the Fury    Jack Mosse
Jack Mosse works in London as a dyslexia tutor for adult learners. He holds a PhD from the Media and Communication department at Goldsmiths University and has further degrees in Philosophy and Social Anthropology.

Based on his book in which he argues that there  are a set of myths about how the financial economy works, myths that stifle debate and block change. This book analyses the origins of these myths and how they might be dispelled .

15.20-15.50    Panel Session

15.50-16.00    Concluding remarks  Richard Glover