Summer Lectures 2021

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We are pleased to announce details for the 2021 Summer Lectures, to be held during August and September. The first four lectures will be via Zoom, with Mr Lambie's talk on 2nd September to be held at Mandeville Place. 

Online lectures will start at 7:30pm and end by 9:00pm. Where possible, sessions will be interactive with a Q&A session from 8:30pm. Tickets are £5.00, or £15.00 for all four online lectures (use discount code SUMMER2021).

Bookings for lectures will close at 5:00pm on their respective day. Please email for assistance if you'd like to join the lecture past then. 

Mr Lambie's lecture on 2nd September will begin at 7.00pm, with a break for dinner at  8.00pm. The talk will resume with a Q&A session at 8.45pm, concluding by 9.30pm. A vegetarian meal with wine will be included in the ticket price of £15.00. The number is limited to 60. We ask all participants/volunteers to take a lateral flow test within the 48 hours prior to the event. (You can order tests free from this link)

Please see details of each lecture and speaker on the right hand side.


The Role of the School in Uncertain Times

Speaker: Stephen Silver, Principal of the School

Covid has presented huge challenges to the operation of the School and the future is unknown. Stephen Silver, Principal, will discuss the place for practical philosophy and economics with justice in the world.


Stephen has been a student of philosophy for over forty years, having started attending classes in New York in 1974. He is now retired from a career in IT and Project Management. He was elected Principal of the School in 2019. He has tutored extensively in the UK and abroad. He looks after the Berkshire Branch of the School and runs the Gita study weekends. He has tutored the online introductory classes and is part of the original team presenting Awareness Live.  He was instrumental in moving all groups online in response to the Covid pandemic.

The Art of Conversation

Speaker: Sherry Moran, Trustee of the School, Senior Tutor

Sherry Moran, Senior Tutor and Communications Executive, will discuss ‘What is good conversation, what supports the free flow of words, what undermines it, and why is good conversation so important to the human experience?


Sherry Moran has been attending the School first in the New York School and then London. Professionally in New York, she was responsible for all JP Morgan’s internal communications. On moving to London in 1989 she became an entrepreneur and has owned 4 businesses specialising in documentary business productions and currently a pharma technology company that supports global companies launch new medicines. Sherry has been tutoring Philosophy parts 1-12 for 24 years. She wrote and produced the History of the School Video, available from the School website, ran the Ceramics section of Art in Action festival for 26 years and created the Celebrating Ceramics Festival in 2019 to continue Waterperry’s reputation as a supporter and centre for the arts. Sherry is now a Trustee of the Schools’ charity.

Vermeer - what magic ingredient makes his work stand out?

Speaker: Jeffery Courtney, Artist

Artist Jeffery Courtney will compare Vermeer’s paintings with some of his contemporaries, explore beyond their technically brilliant surface appearance and seek to uncover what lies deeper.


Jeffery Courtney trained at Hornsey College of Art and then a Post Graduate at the Royal Academy in London. Since then he has worked full time as a professional artist working entirely in the figurative tradition. A meticulous craftsman, he has made an extensive study of painting techniques, in particular the methods of the Old Masters. Jeffery has been commissioned to paint copies of work by Rembrandt, Leonardo, Botticelli & Piero della Francesca, making amazingly accurate copies. This skill and craftsmanship shows up in his beautifully detailed still life paintings whilst his love of light and water are reflected in his landscapes.

Jeffery has had many one-man shows and he has exhibited at the Royal Academy, Mall Galleries, New Grafton Gallery & Patterson Galleries in London, and at the prestigious annual Art in Action Festival in Oxfordshire. He has many works in private collections.

Meet the Stoics: Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius

Speaker: Christine Lambie, MA and Graham Blackbourn PhD

Stoicism began in Greece in the 4th century BC and was adopted in the Roman world as a path to tranquility of mind and moral courage.

In this lecture and workshop, classicists Christine Lambie and Graham Blackbourn will show how Stoic philosophy is essential in today’s world.


Christine Lambie

Being brought up in America, Italy and Belgium gave Christine a keen interest in languages. She initially studied classics, with a special interest in Platonic philosophy. Some years later she turned to Sanskrit and completed a Master’s degree at SOAS with focus on Sanskrit language and particularly Indian philosophy.

Graham Blackbourn

Raised in Kent, Graham was drawn to science and, bizarrely, ancient Greece, teaching himself the Greek alphabet in primary school from the ‘Observer’s Book of Astronomy’.  After joining the School of Philosophy and Economic Science aged 17, he read Maths and Physics at university, ending in Edinburgh with a PhD in Geology and in the fledgling Scottish branch of the School.

Graham runs a geological consultancy specialising in Central Asia and the Caucasus.  Since his children grew up he has gained a Classics BA, an MSc-by-Research in Greek philosophy, and now studies for a PhD at Edinburgh University.

In the Edinburgh School he oversees the early Philosophy groups, and looks forward once more to tutoring the introductory Philosophy course.

Spirit in the House of Death

Speaker: Donald Lambie, Leader of the School

The dramatic meeting between the child Nachiketas and Death, in the Upanishads, addresses eternal questions facing humanity. In recounting the story Donald Lambie, leader of the School, will discuss how the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads can help us today.


Donald Lambie is our Senior Tutor and school leader. When the founder of the School of Economic Science Leon MacLaren died in 1994, he was succeeded by Mr Lambie, who was a barrister.