Waterperry Retreat Programme

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If you have any questions, or for Meditation Retreat registration, please contact the office by email or phone 020 7034 4000. 

The programme is designed for those who are attending a retreat with the School for the first time, as well those who have enjoyed these events before.

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All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure people’s health and wellbeing.

The days will begin each morning at 6.30am with meditation/quiet time. There will be study and group discussions. Participants will be asked to look after some catering and cleaning, although this will be kept to a minimum.

Accommodation will be in single rooms (or double on request) with shared bathroom facilities. Please bring a duvet cover, sheet, pillowcase and bath towel. If this is not possible, there will be a charge of £11 for these items. In the evening smart/casual wear is usual to give a sense of occasion.

The cost for the midweek events will be £160 and for the Sanskrit event £90. Charges are payable in advance and a place is only confirmed after payment.

People will be accepted on a first come first served basis, so early booking is recommended. The fee is non-refundable but may be transferred to another weekend if unforeseen circumstances prevent your attendance.

Marsilio Ficino

Find refreshment at Waterperry House by immersing yourselves for a few
days in the words of Marsilio Ficino, the man who gave us Plato and
imparted to humanity an impulse of love, wisdom, and discovery which
raises the heart, cleanses the mind, and directs fine actions. In the
company of similar souls you will have the opportunity of sharing the
insights revealed by Marsilio and of putting them into practice during this
period of community living. Retreat leader Arthur Farndell has been
involved in the translation of Ficino for over 50 years.

Economics with Justice

Join us to gain a real sense of economics as part of everyday life. This short course refreshes how we see those relations between peoples and institutions that form the economic fabric of society. Can these be fairer, more equitable and more in harmony with nature? Participate in the presentations, discussions and exercises to explore such possibilities. For the retreat leader Annabel Lubikowski, people are at the heart of economics. She firmly believes that together we can discover ways to redress the injustices in the world.



Sanskrit is a language full of spiritual significance and is the medium for some of the most important philosophical works known to humanity. This weekend is offered as an introduction to Sanskrit with study centred on ‘Search for Reality’, a text expounding the philosophy of non-duality which has recently been translated from Sanskrit by the retreat leaders Warwick and Elena Jessup. There will be recitation and more detailed study of one Sanskrit verse. An introduction to the Sanskrit alphabet will also be available. Those having no prior experience of Sanskrit are welcome, as well as those with some experience.

Closing date for bookings is 11 November. You will be sent more detailed information approximately 2 weeks before the start of this event. These details will be sent from: veronicaosullivan@yahoo.co.uk. We suggest you add this address to your contact list now.  

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The Waterperry Frescos and Creative Writing

Spanning three floors of the Artist’s Hall, the frescos in Waterperry House illustrate stories from one of the world’s great spiritual traditions. Through a series of creative writing workshops we will reflect on these powerful artworks, reimagining their meaning through our own experience, and our own stories. A video of the fresco

There will be a chance to hear about the frescos, their conception, the architecture, and its meaning, along with opportunities to write in a supportive space, and to share our writings in creative company. Richard Ibbett was fully involved in the architectural design of the spaces in which the frescoes were created and has led many tours of them. Robin Mukherjee is an award winning writer who has contributed extensively to television, film, radio drama, and theatre.

Bhagavad Gita

The Gita is the record of a conversation between the Prince Arjuna and Shri Krishna on the eve of a great battle, the battle for life. Using the questions that Arjuna asks, we will study, discuss and reflect on Krishna’s answers that lead Arjuna from doubt and despair to peaceful understanding.

Retreat leader Stephen Silver has an abiding love for the Gita and has run similar events for many years which have all proved to be inspiring and uplifting.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the modern term for Jyotish, which means the study of light. Today there are two sciences of astronomy and astrology apparently at odds with each other. But they are really two parts of the same science. You are invited to learn some ancient Vedic Astrology, which will also enable you to learn more about yourself. Retreat leader Gordon Brennan is an internationally well-known expert on the subject.


In the dialogues of Plato there are 10 well-known philosophical myths whose purpose is to teach and communicate the truth. There will be study and discussion in groups, time to reflect on your own on these fascinating tales and plenary meetings to share what has been discovered. This theme will be of interest to both first-time and more experienced readers of Plato. Retreat leader Margot Camp has spent decades immersed in the study of Plato.