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valuing real-life experience over theory

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Introduction to Practical Philosophy

Do any of us really know who we are? Or why? For thousands of years, philosophy has been searching for answers and seeking the truth in everything. Through Practical Philosophy we seek understanding not through theory, but from our own direct experience. Living life to the full.

Introductory Economics with Justice

Economics with Justice seeks to show that freedom and prosperity are possible for people everywhere, providing we follow economic laws and aim for a fair outcome from economic arrangements.

Horizons Saturday Studies

Join us for stimulating insight and discussion at our Saturday classes in central London.

Sanskrit for Philosophy students worldwide

Sanskrit courses are provided free of charge but only available to those who are currently enrolled on a philosophy course in the School or associated Schools abroad.

Economics and Law week 2020

This year’s International Economics and Law Conference will take place online (Zoom) from 6pm Sunday August 30th to 6pm Saturday Sept 5th 2020.

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The Purifying Power of Practical Philosophy

Mr Donald Lambie, School Leader in London, speaks in Melbourne Australia on the power of Practical Philosophy.


Economics & Law Treasures
Cambridge’s Contribution to Economics

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The School has adopted various working principles with the aim of protecting the integrity of its work and the welfare of its students.



All of our tutors are volunteers, giving their time willingly to pass on what they've learnt at the School. Meet some of them here.


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Here you can see a timeline of some key events in our history, and a film about our origins.


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