Sanskrit for Philosophy students worldwide

Term One of the Foundation Course is offered to those without any knowledge of Sanskrit but students with some knowledge may join at the appropriate level. 

September Term 2020

For further information or to register for any of the following courses, please contact Paul Douglas on Times are local to the tutor’s location.

Foundation Courses

Level  Local Time  Location Tutor Course dates
Sanskrit 1 Thurs 12noon UK Brigid McElroy

24 Sept to 3 Dec*

Sanskrit 2 Mon 4pm W. Australia Gai Kroczek    14 Sept to 16 Nov
Sanskrit 3    Wed 12noon UK Odile Wythe 23 Sept to 2 Dec*
Sanskrit 4   Thurs 6pm   UK Jeffrey Sapiro    24 Sept to 3 Dec*
Sanskrit 5 Sat 7am E Australia Matthew Dunstan   19 Sept to 21 Nov
Sanskrit 5B Tues 12 noon UK   Andrew Sisson 22 Sep to 24 Nov
Sanskrit 6 Tues 7am UK Georgina Melville 22 Sep to 1 Dec*
Sanskrit 6 Tues 7.30am Dublin Vincent Wallace   22 Sept to 24 Nov
Sanskrit 8 Wed 7am UK Paul Douglas 23 Sept  to 2 Dec*
Sanskrit 9 Thur 4.30pm W Australia Gai Kroczek 17 Sept to 18 Nov

Further Sanskrit Courses (following the Foundation Course)

Further Skt 1 Mon 8.30pm  Dublin Michael Delaney    21 Sept to 22 Nov
Further Skt 2 Thurs 6.00pm UK Priscilla Park-Weir 24 Sept to 3 Dec
Further Skt 2B Thurs 12noon UK Irena Nicoll 24 Sept to 3 Dec* 

 * with half term break

Other Courses (following the Foundation Course)

Bhagavad Geeta Sun 3pm UK Nick Street 20 Sept to 22 Nov
IGCSE 7   Sun 7am UK John Quick 20 Sept to 22 Nov
IGCSE 6  Sun 8.15am UK John Quick   20 Sept to 22 Nov

Panini - Laghusiddhanta Kaumudi

Ch 13-21   Mon 7am UK Paul Douglas   21 Sept to 23 Nov



Please note clocks will change during the term.  

UK starts in British Summer Time in September. 

New York is generally 5 hours behind UK.

W and E Australia are generally 7-8 or  9-10 hours ahead respectively.

S Africa is one or two hours ahead.