Philosophy Café

Held online via Zoom. Facilitated by Peter Whitfield

Fridays from 13 May 2022, 7pm BST, 75 minutes; half term break 03 June; last session 08 July.

A weekly get together of like minded people, who want to engage or recharge their interest in the practical benefits of studying philosophy.

Free drop-in sessions on Zoom, no need to attend every week. You will need to register, please click here to register. 

  • Weekly topics taken from the philosophy courses with a focus on Practical Philosophy, and what works in ‘my’ life.

  • Breakout rooms are allocated to allow time to meet and discuss ideas in smaller groups

  • Participants are encouraged neither to accept nor reject ideas, but to keep an open mind to discover what might be useful. 

  • Next session 24 June
  • We will use the four principles of platonic dialogue.


Platonic dialogue

  1. Truth is the goal
  2. Be willing to be refuted
  3. Listen with full attention; give space to the other person, don’t monopolize the stage – everyone’s voice is important
  4. Ask questions
Peter Whitfield

Peter Whitfield has been teaching the introductory courses in Philosophy for over 30 years. His love of great stories and belief in an eternal wisdom that provides practical help to live life fully, truly and happily has helped thousands of students.

The Introductory Philosophy course has transformed so many lives and the Philosophy Café  is an opportunity for anyone, current students, past students, family or friends to come along and be inspired. 

With Peter’s facilitation, the Friday night Philosophy café promises to be a new, flourishing event. Come along, be a participant and Find Yourself, in good company.

24 June: Why Sanskrit? 

We are indeed extremely fortunate to be joined by Warwick Jessup this week to look at Philosophy and Sanskrit.

Warwick is genuinely one of the most genuine and gifted human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has a brain the size of a planet, is humble beyond humility, and only has one flaw – he tells better stories than me.  

So if you were fortunate enough to get tickets to his Search for Reality talk, last Saturday you will know you definitely want to come, If you missed it, then even more reason to come.

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