Code of Conduct

We want our School to be a place of learning where everyone has a chance to flourish. Treating one another with the respect we would each expect is at the heart of this. Here’s some guidance, developed by students in the School, to assist fellow students.

Respecting each other and ourselves

  • Our culture is based on equality and fairness for all. This means we value each other’s differences and contributions and want everyone to feel welcome, happy and safe.
  • As students, we’re encouraged to ask questions, to express ideas and participate in constructive discussion. Gossip or criticism creates a negative energy and is best avoided.
  • If we’re concerned by something someone has said or done, we should raise our concerns respectfully with our tutor or other appropriate person. They then have the responsibility to manage the issue in a timely, effective and proportionate manner.

Respecting relationships

  • The School has always placed great value on the teacher-student relationship. Especially since our tutors are also students, it’s really important that this relationship is underpinned by integrity and mutual respect at all times.
  • It’s also important not to use our participation in the School for our own personal advantage.

Respecting the group

  • We’re encouraged to speak freely about the School and the work we do here. However, trust is essential in any group, so we should not do or say anything that would undermine that trust.
  • Being ready to start meetings on time and giving each other our full attention and space in conversations are other ways in which we respect our group.