One World, One Wealth

School of Philosophy and Economic Science Annual Economics Colloquium, 2013

Although the world economy has never been more productive, across the planet we continue to see that not everyone benefits equally. Alongside increasing wealth there continues to be considerable poverty. In attempting to redistribute wealth through taxation and benefits Governments appear to be only partially effective whilst at the same time introducing considerable distortions into the economy. In addition methods of collecting revenue have not kept pace with the developments of globalisation.

This colloquium examined the current situation and consider the possibility of new, fairer means of distributing the world’s wealth for the benefit of all.


List of speakers:

Enough to Go Round ? Peter Holland and Leonie Humphries, School of Economic Science

Tax Havens    John DeValSchool of Economics Science

How the Wealthy Stay Wealthy   Clive Meek, School of Economic Science

How Tax Shapes the Economy, John Christensen, Director of the Tax Justice Network

Is Sharing a Solution?  Rajesh Makwana Director & Adam Parsons, editor of Share the World’s Resources

The slides of this talk are available to view here.

Chaired by Peter Bowman  Head of Economics , School of Economic Science

A CD of the day with recordings of the talk is available at the School Bookshop.