Our Land Our Rent Our Jobs

New Book Published, written by Stephen Meintjes and Michael Jacques, RSA



Is our land (Republic of South Africa) rent asunder through lack of jobs? On the contrary our land rent can support jobs for all if we just collect it instead of taxing those who create wealth or seek merely to survive! This rent, or the locational advantage of each piece of land is owed to the community, whose grant of security of tenure enabled the owner to enjoy its man-made and natural advantages.

It is well known that whatever you tax you receive less of  so why do we tax work, investments and even survival? In truth there is no reason to do so. Rent has been a phenomenon since the time of the Physiocrats and Adam Smith but its potential has been ignored and the world has got lost in an economic jungle of its own making.

This book shows the way to the broad uplands of prosperity for all, and explains why it is time for us all to talk about rent. Now published in the UK by Shepheard-Walwyn.