The Value of Values: Spiritual Wisdom in Everyday Life

This was the 12th Annual GCGI conference and the second joint conference organised by the School and the GCGI.

From August 31st to September 4th, around sixty individuals from many countries gathered at Waterperry House near Oxford for the GCGI Conference.  The conference attendees came from diverse backgrounds, divergent spiritual traditions, many distinct cultures, and philosophical points of view.  Many were teachers and professors, some were entrepreneurs, social and business, some were lawyers, and some were accomplished spiritual, political, and community leaders, to name but a few. All were united by a desire to make this world we live in more just, more equal, more ecological, and more relational.  For it is in relationships with one another and in our relationships with the earth and all the species and elements of nature that human beings find happiness, peace and purpose.  The rest of this report and reflection on the conference by Prof Steve Szeghi can be found here.

The papers presented at the conference can be found here.