Philosophy as a Way of Life | Pierre Hadot

How can philosophy be a way of life? Pierre Hadot wrote about ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who approached philosophy with the goal and practice of wisdom. What does this mean for us today?

Christine Lambie discusses a passage from Hadot’s book, ‘Philosophy as a Way of Life’:

“Philosophy was a mode of existing-in-the-world, which had to be practised at each instant, and the goal of which was to transform the whole of the individual's life ...
Philosophy was a way of life, both in its exercise and effort to achieve wisdom, and in its goal, wisdom itself. For real wisdom does not merely cause us to know: it makes us "be" in a different way ...
Philosophy is a conversion, a transformation of one's way of being and living, and a quest for wisdom.” Ch 11

The School of Philosophy and Economic Science offers courses in practical philosophy and economics with justice as well as other subjects. It aims to approach philosophy in a practical way, encouraging students to apply philosophy in their lives. The School also introduces a mindfulness-type exercise leading eventually to mantra meditation.