Advaita Philosophy

The main exponent of Advaita philosophy was Adi Shankara who lived some 1200 years ago. He is regarded by many as India’s foremost philosopher and thinker.

The word Advaita means ‘not two’. The emphasis is on the unity between people and throughout the whole universe. That unity is not seen at the physical or worldly level of actions, but may be experienced in the underlying level of feelings and emotion. Advaita philosophy provides a practical way of finding freedom from the limits and movements which often affect the mind, and it provides profound insight into the reality of our existence. It also helps with the knowledge of how to live harmoniously and justly in the world.

Advaita philosophy is not a religion and requires no conversion. In practice it is seen to help people come to a fuller understanding of their own religion and traditions. Adi Shankara established a tradition of teachers to hold and pass on this timeless wisdom. It continues to offer freedom, happiness, knowledge and love to all.

Donald Lambie