How I Met the School

Way back in 1959  I joined the School because of my wife; she bought me a ticket to an introductory public lecture by the Principal of the School. At that time I was a cartoonist and BBC TV Entertainment producer for Top of the Pops. None of us who joined the course at that time knew what to expect, or for how long we might continue – yet here we are today, some of us! I do recall saying to my younger brother then, that “I had been feeling like a ship without a rudder”.

A plain poster on the London underground with blue heading simply proclaimed PHILOSOPHY. It attracted people in their hundreds, often overflowing onto the streets of Suffolk Street SW1 and The Newton Institute Leicester Square.

Today, Donald Lambie the senior tutor, ably carries on the tradition ‘learn and teach’ in the School of Philosophy and Economic Science. There are now affiliated Schools around the world as well as branches across the UK.  I’m delighted to have been part of this fascinating journey.

– Neville Wortman