IN THE STEPS OF LEONARDO - Charmaine Kendal, Cape Town

In Cape Town in 2013, a major project began with the suggestion to paint a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Annunciation”. The art group of 6 members, enthusiastically took up the project. It took 9 years, but the journey has been fascinating, from inception to completion. A replica of this magnificent painting now hangs on the walls of the School’s refectory. What was the process? Read on. Andrea is on the left, and Annette on the right of the painting below.

The Art Group enthusiastically took up the “Annunciation Project” initially. But as the project developed the group became smaller, till eventually there were two members left. These two completed the painting: Annette van Zyl and Andrea Duell. Both have art backgrounds, although not directly related to traditional oil painting. Annette had trained as an illustrator and Andrea as a ceramicist. Both Annette and Andrea acknowledge the painting as a group project. “Everyone who helped at any stage of the project, has contributed in some way to its completion.”
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