Messing about in Rivers

Dr Chris Dickens’ whole career has been caring for river systems, initially in South Africa. More recently he has worked in Sri Lanka and more widely with the UN and other global organisations. Issues centre on the sustainability of water resources, especially with a view to agriculture’s demands on rivers.  Read how philosophy and meditation have helped in this work. 

As a child I grew up messing about in rivers and the sea, fishing, kayaking and diving.  There was something about water, especially when it was in a bubbling stream or the curl of a transparent wave in the sea, that has always warmed my heart.  So when as a young man I was offered a job as a scientist in the water industry, where my job would be messing about in rivers, it was like coming home.  My passion and my hobby became my job!  What a privilege.  

As a budding philosopher at the time, I had a growing love of people.  Through philosophy and also through my job, I was able to marry the two loves of my life.  Protecting water-related ecosystems and supporting people, came together in access to water and also appreciation of mind and soul. 

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