MY ODYSSEY – LIFE’S JOURNEY Professor Babatunde Abayomi, Georgia, USA

If an odyssey is a long journey full of adventures and learning, Babatunde has certainly had one! Read about his life story, starting in Nigeria, to becoming a professor in an Ivy League black university. Where does he find meaning? Read on. Babatunde is a senior student in Georgia

Babatunde writes: In the beginning there was no plan. I never imagined that I, Nigerian born, would become a U.S. citizen and a lover of Advaita philosophy. Was it accident, co-incidence, or destiny? 

My childhood in Lagos was influenced by a mix of religious and spiritual beliefs.  My father was a Christian, my mother a Muslim.  For a while I was sent to my parents’ village to live with my grandmother who was a strong believer in African traditional religion. 

To her, thunder and lightning, extreme heat or cold were all “the work of God and have a purpose”. She told us to use our senses and enjoy them.  When I ran through the village beating goats for fun and killing lizards, she lectured me on how each had a part to play in the universe just like us.

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