Our Sacred Journey – Practical Philosophy & Economics with Justice

For more than eight decades The School of Economic Science has worked extensively to bring an ethical dimension to understanding Economics with Justice based upon a Practical Philosophy rooted in Advaita Vedanta and emphasizing the inherent unity of all of life.

Practical philosophy addresses the importance of living an examined life, looking at systematic ways in which human potential can be released. It differs from academic philosophy courses in that it encourages students to test philosophical ideas by applying them to their lives to discover what can be learned from them.

Economics with Justice involves the creation of cooperative relationships based on mutual respect. Economics is a study of people and how they live and of the systems that people, and governments establish to produce wealth and well being.

Daily practices of meditation, mindfulness, and the inner development of spiritual life are core to the curriculum of the School of Economic Science.

In this interview with Voice America, then-Principal Ian Mason discusses these three subjects, how they relate, and why we study them.

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