The Ethical Entrepreneur – Paul Palmarozza

Today it may seem that we’re inundated with stories and examples of greed and corruption within business. The phrase “ethical entrepreneur” sounds like a bit of a contradiction. Looking at examples from large and small companies, seasoned entrepreneur Paul Palmarozza draws on his decades of commercial experience to look at the vision and values of companies and how they can come into play. He offers a values-based approach to running an entrepreneurial venture.

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About Paul Palmarozza

Paul joined the School of Economic Science in Brussels in 1973.  He joined the London school in 1980. A member of the Art Group, Paul participated in Art in Action for more than 20 years and was the Assistant Organiser for 11 years. Paul has decades of business experience including building an AIM listed elearning company.  Paul has written two books From Principles to Profit: The Art of Moral Management and Ethical Entrepreneur: The Values Based Path To Sustainable Success.