Waterperry Ice House

In 2015, when Steve Pegrum saw the ruins of an ice house on the Waterperry Estate, he also saw its potential. But to restore it, there were many obstacles to overcome. For over 20 years Steve has helped maintain Waterperry House in Oxfordshire.  Read on to hear about this unusual project.  Steve Pegrum is a senior philosophy student in London.

Having been a caver I have developed a fascination for anything underground. So when I heard there was an ice house at Waterperry in Oxfordshire, I was interested. It was exciting to discover that, except for the tunnel, it was in excellent condition. Waterperry House now belongs to the School as a retreat centre but it has a long history going back to the 11th century. The gardens, shops, café and museum are all open to the public and it struck me that the ice house could be an interesting addition to the repertoire.   

Read how philosophy helped Steve to achieve this mammoth task