What is Practical Philosophy?

What is Practical Philosophy?

Academic philosophy courses involve the discussion of a range of philosophies, usually with the objective of gaining a theoretical understanding of them. Practical philosophy also involves the consideration of a range of philosophic ideas.  However it also involves the application of them to one’s own life to see what can be discovered.

One of our newspaper adverts from 1979 described the course as “designed for those seeking to understand the meaning of human existence, the aim of life and the art of knowing oneself”; this remains true today.

At the School of Economic Science, we do not consider philosophy to be a purely theoretical study. The only way to discover if a philosophical idea is true or not is to test it. That is what practical philosophy students are encouraged to do.

Each person’s journey of self discovery is different, students are organised in groups of like-minded and supportive seekers who help each other along the way.

The only practices given are those that help sharpen the mind, this includes mantra meditation for those who continue beyond one year.

The influence of Practical Philosophy is not limited to the classroom; it can influence your whole life. Students are encouraged to participate completely in life in the world, with our families and jobs.  But we are also encouraged to come to an inner stillness which lets us meet true happiness. At the same time this allows us to be more efficient and more effective in whatever we do.