Advanced Economics with Justice

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Term Dates: 17 January - 3 April 2022 (half-term 14 - 20 February)

There are several advanced classes each following their own lines of study. These are available to anyone who has completed all the formal classes (currently parts 1 through 5).

Subjects for study are decided each term by the tutor in conjunction with the class. The Advanced Economics with Justice fee is £125, reduced to £105 if paid before the end of term or by Direct Debit. Please fill in the Direct Debit form and return to us by 24 December 2021 to take advantage of this rate.

Tuesday 6pm: Chris Wood – The Code of Capital

This new class will explore what transforms a simple object, an idea or a promise to pay into something that creates wealth and claims on wealth.  It delves into the realm of proprietary rights, how they arose and how they are used.It will be based on Katharina Pistor’s book ‘The Code of Capital’.

Tuesday 7:15pm; John De Val – Lithium 

The transition from using fossil fuels extracted from the depths of the Earth to using the freely available sun and wind for our energy requirements raises a number of economic and environmental issues. This continuing class will consider some of these by studying the book ‘Lithium’ written by a former commodity trader, Lukasz Bednarski.

Thursday 7pm; Anthony Jones - Topics

This class has been studying topics of interest for a while, but welcomes new members. Each term one or more topics is chosen for focus and closer study.

Saturday 10am; Chris Todhunter – Money through Questions

This new class will explore the subject of Money through a series of questions. Following each session,  there is an option to continue after a  break with a video and discussion.

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These international classes are organised around London (UK) time. Please note the time difference between your locality and the class.