Economics with Justice Part 3: Responsibility

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After completing Economics with Justice Part 2: Ideas recently

These international classes are organised around two local time zones – London (UK) and Melbourne (Australia). You may enrol in either, but please note the time-differences between your locality and the class . There are several clock changes during the term; London classes stay with London time and Melbourne classes stay with Melbourne time.

Term Dates: 27 September - 12 December 2021 (half term 25 - 31 October)

This ten-week course explores our individual and collective responsibilities as human beings in the world. It follows on naturally from the course Ideas – Economics with Justice Part 2.

Responsibility, our ability to respond, is relevant to every aspect of economic relationships with others and with the world in which we live. The course considers what is needed to support the ability to respond appropriately, such as understanding, the sense of empathy or interconnectedness, and the extent to which there is recognition of wholeness or unity. This can apply to individuals and to collectives such as communities, nations or even all humankind.

The course progresses with a week-by-week consideration of individual and collective responsibility in various spheres of economic activity.

Join further lively discourses on Economics with Justice. Enrol today for September start of term. Classes will be on Zoom, each session being 75 minutes long.

Week 1 Exercising Responsibility

Week 2 Growth

Week 3 Sustainability

Week 4 Freedom

Week 5 Trust

Week 6 Capital and the commons

Week 7 Wealth and wellbeing

Week 8 Who’s responsible?

Week 9 Sufficiency and self-reliance

Week 10 Privilege and responsibility