Saturday 9:30am - Economics and the Possibility of Civilisation

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Time: 9:30am - 10:45am on Saturdays (BST)

Term Date: 04 May - 13 July

Half Term: 01 June

Presenter: John Franck

In 1946 John Maynard Keynes retired as editor of the Economic Journal and at the dinner given in his honor he proposed the toast "To economics and economists, trustees of the possibility of civilization." When someone inquired of him what he meant by civilization, he replied that one feature of civilization would be when every man and woman were content with their lot in life. Hence the title of these talks.

This coming term we start again at the beginning as it was going through a series of seminars called "Economics Now", a new approach to macro-economics. These seminars cover the period from 1950 to the late eighties and may be considered as a case study providing a good introduction to the methods of analysing a modern trading economy such as we find ourselves in.

The only requirement of prospective students is a lively interest in current affairs.

Classes will be held online via Zoom.