Friday 10:00am - Introduction to Sacred Geometry (online)

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Time: 10:00am- 11:30am on Fridays (BST)

Term Date: 29 September - 8 December 2023

Half Term: 27 October

Presenter: Barbara Ryan

Location: Online via Zoom

Are you interested in engaging in a creative, contemplative and colourful pursuit?" 

No previous experience with a compass is required. Constructing  simple patterns with compass and ruler simply requires attention and acceptance.

According to Sacred Geometry, there is a belief that the patterns of nature, their mathematical formulas and their structure are evidence of divine planning and creation.

 In fact according to Socrates, “Measure and symmetry are beauty and virtue the world over.”



  • Pencils, 2H and 2B
  • Eraser, sharpener and ruler (at least 30 cm)
  • Coloured pencils and coloured fineliner markers
  • a standard compass with an extension bar. I recommend the Mars Staedtler 551 02 Comfort Bow Compass

(but if you already have one at home don’t buy another – most stationary shops will sell basic compasses if your budget doesn’t allow for the above recommendation)

  • A3 paper
  • Masking tape