Wednesday 10:00am - Introduction to Sacred Geometry (online)

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Time: 10:00am- 11:30am (BST) on Wednesdays

Term Date: 08 May - 17 July

Half Term: 29 May

Presenter: Barbara Ryan

Location: Online via Zoom

Pythagoras said:  ‘Limit gives form to the limitless.’

This term we will continue to explore the range of forms and patterns to be found at the end of a compass. Harmony, attention and stillness become available in the creation of geometric patterns which are found everywhere in nature.

Is it possible that the practice of sacred geometry - using a compass and ruler - will remind us of the divinity within and help us to understand the world around us? As the compass revolves to create a circle one leg remains stationary while the other moves. We go with the moving/changing and often forget that which is unmoving and doesn’t change. Join us as we explore the physical and philosophical possibilities of sacred geometry.

No previous experience with a compass is necessary.

“...if people are encouraged to immerse themselves in Nature’s grammar and geometry, discovering how it works, how it controls life on Earth, and how humanity has expressed it in so many great works of art and architecture – they are often led to acquire some remarkably deep philosophical insights into the meaning and purpose of Nature and into what it means to be aware and alive in this extraordinary Universe.”

- Quoted from the book on Harmony by King Charles, Tony Juniper & Ian Skelly

“Geometrical knowledge is knowledge of what always is. So it would be a subject that draws the soul towards truth and produces a philosophical mind, directing upwards whatever we now, incorrectly direct downwards.”

- Quoted from the Republic by Plato


  • Pencils, 2H and 2B
  • Eraser, sharpener and ruler (at least 30 cm)
  • Coloured pencils and coloured fineliner markers
  • a standard compass with an extension bar. I recommend the Mars Staedtler 551 02 Comfort Bow Compass

(but if you already have one at home don’t buy another – most stationery shops will sell basic compasses if your budget doesn’t allow for the above recommendation)

  • A3 paper
  • Masking tape