Economics with Justice Part 2: Ideas

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After completing Introductory Economics recently 

The registration for summer term has ended. Our autumn term enrolments will start in July. 

Term Dates: 

Summer Term: 03 May - 18 July 2021

Autumn Term: 27 September - 12 December 202

Having attended the “Introductory Economics with Justice” course and appreciated what it offers, you are encouraged to join next term’s follow-on course “Ideas - Economics with Justice Part 2”.

The coronavirus has shaken the world’s economy, financial systems, governments, and peoples. It has also revealed fault lines in our societies that has intensified the suffering for many. We may have almost forgotten that last big world-wide shock, the 2008 financial catastrophe; it revealed similar fault lines.

Could now be the time to re-examine the economic and philosophical ideas behind economic theories informing government policy and shaping our world? Is now the time for a revolution in understanding that restores justice to economics? John Maynard Keynes, a revolutionary economist in his day, suggested:

"The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed, the world is ruled by little else."

“Ideas - Economics with Justice Part 2” builds on the fundamental principles touched on so far, using them to critically examine some of the key ideas that influence the way we think and the way we relate to others in the world economic community.

Classes will be on Zoom, each session being 75 minutes long.

Week 1 What rules us?

Week 2 What do we own?

Week 3 What motivates us and who benefits?

Week 4 Is there enough for all?

Week 5 Can we replace the market?

Week 6 How do we meet social needs?

Week 7 How do we value and set a price?

Week 8 At the last resort, what do we turn to?

Week 9 Is it freedom from all or freedom for all?

Week 10 Which way forward?