Practical Philosophy 2: Happiness - In Person

Practical Philosophy 2: Happiness - In Person

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This in person course will be offered in our London School location, at the following address: 11 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 3AJ.
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After previously completing Practical Philosophy 1: Wisdom - In-person or Online

Term Dates: 29 April - 13 July 2024 (half-term w/c 27 May)

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It's an intense world, so much pressure, so much going on. Where do you find contentment in the midst of all this? Philosophy has a lot to say about happiness. And what's more, it provides a road map.

The next term of practical philosophy is devoted to happiness. Enjoy the good company of philosophic friends on a journey of discovery, to the source of true satisfaction. 

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The True Nature of Happiness

How do we seek happiness? True happiness and unity: ‘May all be happy’ as an intent. Tolstoy: happiness through serving one’s neighbour. Observation, the conscious perceiver and the present moment.

Happiness and society

Is happiness natural? Analogy of light bulbs. Relationship between happiness and law.

Happiness and Utilitarianism

Bentham, Mill. Gandhi’s criticism and an alternative view to utilitarianism. The art of listening: practical exercise.

Happiness and pleasure

Hedonism, Epicurus and Plato. Plato suggests two categories, necessary and unnecessary pleasures. Introduction to the Upanishads: finding satisfaction in oneself.

Happiness and the Platonic Goods

Divine goods: wisdom, self-control, justice and courage. Human goods: health, beauty, strength and wealth. Are these the way to happiness?

Rejoice in the present

Introduction to Marsilio Ficino, renaissance philosopher. Key phrases inscribed on academy walls. Rejoice in the present. Richard Jefferies

Lao Tzu

Introduction to Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching. Tea ceremony. Exploring effortless action.

Happiness and contentment

Introduction to Patanjali and the 8-fold system of yoga, meditation, contentment. What about ambition? Finding happiness in work: 2 principles for finding happiness in work.

Happiness and work

2 more principles for finding happiness in work. Practical exercise to discover more about the principles of work in action.

Happiness and wisdom

The connection between wisdom and happiness. Marcus Aurelius; you don’t need much to live happily. Review of the term.