Common Law – the Spinal Cord of the Body Politic

The Law Study Group will present a series of six essays on the Common Law, to explain the continuing relevance of our unique system of law, its antiquity, and the huge benefits of this inheritance both here and in other nations across the world. The Common Law is very close to the Natural Law.

The Course entitled: ‘Common Law – the Spinal Cord of the Body Politic’, will begin on Monday 26th October. Each presentation will be given twice a week, on Mondays at 7 pm and Thursdays at 2 pm, the session lasting 90 minutes. The course will be available throughout the UK on Zoom and is open to all students attending the School, however recent their joining.

No charge is made for the course but donations are invited at the suggested level of £10 per session, or £50 for the full course of six sessions. To donate, please click here

Please register your interest with Mrs Anna McClelland and further details will be provided to you before the commencement of the course.