Introductory Practical Philosophy - Handouts

You'll find below your weekly handouts for Introductory Practical Philosophy; a new one will be added each week so keep checking back.

Week one handout 

Week two handout

Week three handout

Week four handout

Week five handout

Week six handout

Week seven handout

Week eight handout


At the first session we also introduced the Awareness Exercise and invited everyone to practise it a couple of times a day. The PDF and MP3 recording of the Awareness Exercise are available below.

PDF of the Awareness Exercise

Recording of the Awareness Exercise

We warmly recommend the Awareness Live sessions on our Facebook page. You can join any of these live sessions at 8:30 every morning (BST), Monday to Friday. They’re a useful complement to the class sessions, only take ten minutes of your time and are a great way to start the day.