Philosophy Café

Held online via Zoom. Facilitated by Peter Whitfield

Back in January 2024!

Every Friday at 7pm Sydney time (8am in the UK) and 7pm London time.

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A weekly get together of like minded people, who want to engage or recharge their interest in the practical benefits of studying philosophy.

Free drop-in sessions on Zoom, no need to attend every week. You will need to register, please click here to register. 

  • Weekly topics taken from the philosophy courses with a focus on Practical Philosophy, and what works in ‘my’ life.

  • Breakout rooms are allocated to allow time to meet and discuss ideas in smaller groups

  • Participants are encouraged neither to accept nor reject ideas, but to keep an open mind to discover what might be useful. 

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  • We will use the four principles of platonic dialogue.


Platonic dialogue

  1. Truth is the goal
  2. Be willing to be refuted
  3. Listen with full attention; give space to the other person, don’t monopolize the stage – everyone’s voice is important
  4. Ask questions

Peter Whitfield

Peter Whitfield has been teaching the introductory courses in Philosophy for over 30 years. His love of great stories and belief in an eternal wisdom that provides practical help to live life fully, truly and happily has helped thousands of students.

The Introductory Philosophy course has transformed so many lives and the Philosophy Café  is an opportunity for anyone, current students, past students, family or friends to come along and be inspired. 

With Peter’s facilitation, the Friday night Philosophy café promises to be a new, flourishing event. Come along, be a participant and Find Yourself, in good company.

Friday 24 November


"Be Here Now" reflections on Ram Dass

7pm Sydney time (8am UK time)


"Wake up to Economics" with Richard Glover

7pm UK time

It's the last two Philosophy Cafés of the year this Friday, November 24th.

Last week, Stephen Silver captivated us with his insights on the qualities of a great Teacher and a great Student. This week, in London Richard Glover head of the economics faculty asks us to ‘Wake up to Economics!’

This isn't just a spirited call akin to your classic university tutor awakening you from a tedious lecture; it's about the relevance, vibrancy, and "out of the box" wisdom that has the potential to address and solve the world's problems.

In Sydney we delve into the teachings of one of the West's most influential spiritual guides, Ram Dass.

My introduction to Ram Dass occurred while tutoring introductory philosophy classes in George Street, Sydney, during the late 1990s. His unique perspective on Advaita philosophy, distinct from that of The School of Philosophy, proved to be transformative without contradicting any principles. For those familiar with my admiration for Ram Dass and his teachings, and some first-hand anecdotes, it's an opportunity not to be missed.