Philosophy Café

Held online via Zoom. Facilitated by Peter Whitfield

Every Friday at 7pm London time from 27 January 2023 to 24 March (except 17 February). Register to take part. 

A weekly get together of like minded people, who want to engage or recharge their interest in the practical benefits of studying philosophy.

Free drop-in sessions on Zoom, no need to attend every week. You will need to register, please click here to register. 

  • Weekly topics taken from the philosophy courses with a focus on Practical Philosophy, and what works in ‘my’ life.

  • Breakout rooms are allocated to allow time to meet and discuss ideas in smaller groups

  • Participants are encouraged neither to accept nor reject ideas, but to keep an open mind to discover what might be useful. 

  • Next session 27 January
  • We will use the four principles of platonic dialogue.


Platonic dialogue

  1. Truth is the goal
  2. Be willing to be refuted
  3. Listen with full attention; give space to the other person, don’t monopolize the stage – everyone’s voice is important
  4. Ask questions

Peter Whitfield

Peter Whitfield has been teaching the introductory courses in Philosophy for over 30 years. His love of great stories and belief in an eternal wisdom that provides practical help to live life fully, truly and happily has helped thousands of students.

The Introductory Philosophy course has transformed so many lives and the Philosophy Café  is an opportunity for anyone, current students, past students, family or friends to come along and be inspired. 

With Peter’s facilitation, the Friday night Philosophy café promises to be a new, flourishing event. Come along, be a participant and Find Yourself, in good company.

27 January: New Year’s Resolution 

'On seeing the invincibility of our determination, the heart of the Paramatman melts, and he himself comes to our help.'

-Shantananda Saraswati Maharaj.


It's the first Philosophy Café of 2023, you may have found yourself with a New Year's resolution or maybe several.

Resolutions are fantastic because you see a need or something that requires transformation, and the moment you resolve, you're free of the limiting idea that 'I can't do that.'

If you did not believe it was possible to climb the mountain, you would not undertake the journey. So you first look out and see the mountain and then realise that climbing is possible.

So you resolve to exercise, study more, eat healthier food and spend less time on your mobile device. You are determined to clean up your room, be a more considerate driver, not complain about the weather or electricity prices, and love everyone and speak the truth: because you see the need and know it is possible.

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and countless others have all had invincible determination and melted the Paramatman's heart. Finally, against all odds, Luke is about to drop the bomb down the exhaust vent of the death star, and just as Darth Vader's ship acquires a target lock on him, out of nowhere comes Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and takes out Darth Vader. Even so, success is not assured, and Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke to use The Force.

But sometimes, our resolutions fail.

For next session, think about some worthwhile resolutions, what Death Stars you need to destroy, and ask what is needed, so they can succeed.