Summer Evening#Event 2: 12 August 2021

The Art of Conversation

Speaker: Sherry Moran, Trustee of the School, Senior Tutor

Sherry Moran, Senior Tutor and Communications Executive, will discuss ‘What is good conversation, what supports the free flow of words, what undermines it, and why is good conversation so important to the human experience?


Sherry Moran has been attending the School first in the New York School and then London. Professionally in New York, she was responsible for all JP Morgan’s internal communications. On moving to London in 1989 she became an entrepreneur and has owned 4 businesses specialising in documentary business productions and currently a pharma technology company that supports global companies launch new medicines. Sherry has been tutoring Philosophy parts 1-12 for 24 years. She wrote and produced the History of the School Video, available from the School website, ran the Ceramics section of Art in Action festival for 26 years and created the Celebrating Ceramics Festival in 2019 to continue Waterperry’s reputation as a supporter and centre for the arts. Sherry is now a Trustee of the Schools’ charity.