This Sacred Land

Sunday 16 - Thursday 20 June and Friday 21 June 2024: The School of Philosophy St Albans - The Power Of Pilgrimage

Join us in St Albans this June as we explore and celebrate pilgrimage, from how the inspiring story of our country's first Christian martyr shaped the city of St Albans to the meaning pilgrimage has for people in this multicultural community today.

As part of the School’s This Sacred Land initiative, and in celebration of its fifty years in Hertfordshire, the School of Philosophy St Albans warmly invites you to take part in a programme of events:

Pilgrimage Walk - Sunday 16 - Thursday 20 June

Join students of the School of Philosophy, St Albans, family and friends as they walk the St Alban’s Way, a 35 mile pilgrimage walk in five stages from London to St Albans. Join in for as much or as little as you like. Free event. All welcome. Find out more

The Power of Pilgrimage’ - Friday 21 June 

A series of events throughout the day, including a special ‘Power of Pilgrimage’ cathedral tour, Pilgrims Lunch and a public talk and discussion on This Sacred Land: Pilgrimage Today. View programme details

Full information available at the School in St Albans webpage:

Or Contact the school in St Albans for any queries;

Saturday 13 July 2024  - The School of Philosophy and Economic Science London - Economics Symposium - The Spirit of Law and Economics 

In person and Online

A wise person* said “We should take recourse to our own sacred natures. A natural solution has a sweetness of its own while a forced solution does not”.

Where did the fine principles of the English Common Law system come from? What guided their refinement and acceptance in the world? What did inspire those formulations of fine economics principle that encourages freedom and prosperity for all?

As we look around us, we may see anything but sweetness in laws that constrain natural freedoms, and an economics that constrains prosperity of all to benefit of a few.

And yet the Common Law expresses the spirit of freedom under law, everyone’s essential freedom to act reasonably with compassion in society; Adam Smith’s inspiration lay in the natural benevolence among human beings in working together for a more fulfilling life.

Join this day of presentations and discussions to be reminded of naturalness, sweetness and human potential. View details

* Teachings of His Holiness Shantanand Saraswati, A Selection. The Society for the Study of Human Being, New York.

Various dates between 16 July - 03 September 2024: School of Philosophy Scotland - Summer Lectures

This Summer’s lectures from the School of Philosophy in Scotland will reflect on our relationship with This Sacred Land; from the spiritual to its safeguarding for the future.

The programme offers a diverse range of talks spanning early beliefs and connections with the landscape and all that it gives life to.

These lectures are available to students and friends of the School.

For more information click here.


Sunday 2nd June 2024: The School of Philosophy and Economic Science London - Inspiration Day - Living in Harmony with Nature

A day of practical classes and presentations devoted to a life in harmony
with the natural world around us and our essential nature within.

Full information available and programme for the day available HERE

Free to students of the school and £10 for guests. Contact for any queries or to book a place.