Saturday 9:30am - Plato's Laws

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Time: 9:30am - 10:45am on Saturdays

Term Date: 23 January - 03 April

Half Term: 20 February

Presenter: Brendan Crehan

"I take great delight in helping others immerse themselves in the contemplative experience of being" - Brendan Crehan 

Socrates and Philebus want to know what is the good and natural disposition of the soul which makes all men and women happy? One answer is “enjoyment and pleasure and delight”, while Socrates says: “wisdom and intelligence and memory, and their kindred, right opinion and true reasoning, are better and more desirable than pleasure for all who are able to partake of them…they are the most advantageous of all things” What is the greatest pleasure and contentment in your life? What type of activity brings complete fulfillment and the resolution of difficulties?