Aspects of Light open retreat - 01-06 August 2024

Aspects of Light open retreat - 01-06 August 2024

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Thursday 1st to Tuesday 6th August - Nanpantan Hall, Leicestershire

A Mindfulness Retreat - learn how to connect to your true potential

We will be considering how real happiness and peace of mind can be discovered, and how we might discover the true light of our inner being.

The programme includes the study of the practical living philosophy of unity, beautifully expressed here : "The purpose of Man is to realise the supreme truth that the one light of ATMAN (Self) or ultimate reality, is in everybody and in every particle of creation ...Different bodies have different goals but Atman is everywhere the same, and everyone's ultimate goal is to realise Atman. It cannot be seen, but after a life of restraint, if you have the capacity to control your mind, your intellect, your body, then you will see this light. You will realise it, and you will become one with it". Shantananda Saraswati

You will be part of a community, living mindfully, preparing food and running the house; with plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions from others and of yourself.