Economics with Justice Part 5: Whose Wealth?

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These international classes are organised around London (UK) time. Please note the time difference between your locality and the class. There are several clock changes during the term; the classes stay with London local time.

After completing Economics with Justice Part 4: The Commons recently

The enrolment fee for this course is £120. Payments by Direct Debit are available with a reduced fee, of four monthly instalments of £25 starting in September. To set up a Direct Debit, please fill in the Direct Debit form and return to our office by 31 August.

Term Dates: 27 September - 12 December 2021 (half term 25 - 31 October)


This ten-week course explores the relationship between ownership and obligation in a world overrun by what has been called ‘rentier capitalism’. Classical economists considered the rent associated with land value; today we face rents in many guises. The term ‘rent-seeking’ is never far from critical observations of financial and business malpractice.

Having completed the course ‘The Commons’ you will be well placed to consider how aspects of ‘rent’ run right at the heart of many tendencies towards inequity that we see around us. How can we recompense all others when removing something from the commons? This has implications in finance, banking and money creation, in today’s network-savvy mega-businesses, and of course in the very location where we wish to live and work.

Wherever possible, examples from around the world will be used to illustrate the principles being explored and some ways in which economic justice can prevail. Join us in good company and lively conversation.