Economics with Justice Part 4: The Commons

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After completing Economics with Justice Part 3: Responsibility recently

These international classes are organised around London (UK) time. Please note the time difference between your locality and the class. There are several clock changes during the term; the classes stay with London local time.

The enrolment fee for this course is £120. Payments by Direct Debit are available with a reduced fee, of four monthly instalments of £25 starting in September. To set up a Direct Debit, please fill in the Direct Debit form and return to our office by 31 August.

Term Dates: 27 September - 12 December 2021 (half term 25 - 31 October)

This ten-week course explores our shared and our unshared worlds, the commons and private property.

We obviously share the air with trees and other lifeforms through our inward and outward breaths; we less obviously share possessions such as real estate, cars, brands and inventions. A community shares something in common, as does a nation and indeed the whole of humanity. What appears to challenge this is a world of property rights and rent-seeking.

How can we distinguish between what is naturally shared and what is possessed? If the commons and private property are to coexist harmoniously, what are the natural relationships between them?

Week 1 Commons and un-commons

Week 2 Natural commons

Week 3 Property rights

Week 4 Social and cultural commons

Week 5 Digital commons

Week 6 Law as common

Week 7 Sustaining the commons

Week 8 Economic commons

Week 9 Public commons

Week 10 Universal commons