Celebration on the Completion of the Annotated Works of Henry George - 10 June 2023

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11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ and online via Zoom

Saturday 10 June 2023, 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Registration closes at 5pm on Friday 09 June. Please send any queries after this time to Andrew Purves, HGF Treasurer

A celebration of the publication of the Annotated Works of Henry George (six volumes). Organised and sponsored by the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation of New York, with support from the Henry George Foundation of Great Britain, 2023 sees the culmination of a ten-year project to annotate and publish all of Henry George’s writing and selected speeches, with introductory essays by leading scholars of political economy.


2.00pm (BST) Opening remarks – David Triggs on behalf of the International Union for Land Value Taxation

2:15pm Frank Peddle presentation Volume V - Science of Political Economy

Professor of Philosophy, Francis Peddle, at the Dominican University College, Ottowa, Canada, has written extensively on the work of Henry George, as well as Platonic Ontology and metaphysics. He was also a practising lawyer, represented clients in tax and civil litigation. Having completed the editorial work on the Annotated Works, his forthcoming book on Plato’s Philebus, is entitled In Philebum: A speculative Reflection.

2:40pm  Discussion 

3:00pm  Tea

3:30pm  Words of thanks from Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and Henry George Foundation Canada – Brendan Hennigan

3:45pm Joseph Milne presentation, introductory essay on Volume VI, The Perplexed Philosopher

Dr Joseph Milne is Honorary Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Kent where he taught until his retirement in 2013. He is editor of Land&Liberty, the magazine of the Henry George Foundation UK, and editor of Volume VI of the Annotated Works of Henry George. He is currently writing a book on the classical and medieval tradition of Natural Law.

He will give an Introduction to George’s A Perplexed Philosopher:

Now practically forgotten, Herbert Spencer was hailed in the nineteenth century as one of the world’s greatest philosophers. His determinist theory of social evolution was enthusiastically received by individualists and socialists alike. In A Perplexed Philosopher George demonstrates with devastating clarity the sophistry and dishonesty of Herbert Spencer in his last work, Justice, in which he compromises the principles of his earlier work for the sake of public acclaim. This book gives a unique insight into the prevailing social ideas that George had to contend with in developing his social and economic philosophy.

4:15pm  Discussion

4:30pm Closing remarks – Richard Glover, Head of Economics, School of Philosophy and Economic Science

4:45pm - 6.00pm - Wine Reception, The Boardroom