International Economics and Law Conference 2023

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Living Naturally

Nanpantan Hall (UK) and Online
Friday 25 to Thursday 31 August 2023

Living Naturally is this year’s theme; join in exploring what this means for Economics and Law.

Laws of nature are unchanging, ruling galaxies and atoms, ecosystems and creatures. Seeking to understand them can bring wonders, ignoring them can bring misery. Human-made laws - ruling communities and nations, legal processes and economic systems, are changeable with consequences. If we wish for human-made laws and economics systems that support people living naturally, enjoying prosperity and freedom, what would they look like?

Economics will explore examples of Natural Law in practice across the world and down though history. Anyone can bring examples and be prepared to give short presentations. There will be workshops, study sessions and featured presentations. Economics participants at Nanpantan must have completed at least three Economics courses, and those online at least one.

Law will consider both the threats to a rules-based system of law and government and the ‘Universal Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms’. We will also listen to and discuss the recent 2022 Reith Lectures on ‘Freedom of Speech and Worship, and Freedom from Want and Fear’. Law participants at Nanpantan should be attending a current School course.

You are welcome to arrive at Nanpantan Hall (Nanpantan Rd, Nanpantan, Loughborough LE11 3YF UK) on Friday from 11am; a buffet lunch will be available. The Conference begins with a meeting at 1 pm and ends by 3pm on Thursday 31st. 

We look forward to enjoying your company, whether in-person or online, as we collectively participate in these vital studies. 

Richard Glover (Head of Economics) and Ian Murdoch (Law Study Group)