Tuesday 7:15pm - Vedic Mathematics

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Time: 7:15pm- 8:45pm on Tuesdays (BST)

Term Date:  05 May  - 18 July

Half Term:  30 May 

Presenter: Robert McNeill 

 Term 3

It is generally well-known that our modern numbering system originated millennia ago in India and came to us through the Arabic nations during the middle ages. What is not known however is that this remarkable system was accompanied by methods of calculation that were both simple and profound. These methods, lost over time, were recently rediscovered and presented in a text entitled “Vedic Mathematics” by  Shri Bharati Krishna Tithaji and this text will provide the material for the course.

Experience for yourself the “magic” of Vedic Mathematics in performing very easily in one line, calculations which are normally regarded as difficult. This second term will consist of a brief summary of term 1 material before moving on to squaring, square roots, cubing, cube roots, recurring decimals and factorisation in algebra.

The tutor, Robert McNeill, for many years taught maths in schools at all ages and levels of ability, and included Vedic Mathematics in his teaching to inspire, delight, and enlighten the students.

Classes will be held online via Zoom.