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Below are some selected links to internet websites, selected as a guide to the available information. You can also use Google, stating the keywords of what you want to know in the search box.

You can also go to the individual websites listed at the start and search for the item you are looking for.

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Useful Websites

GOV.UK – the UK Government’s website

Age UK – the website of the charity Age UK, the UK’s largest charity working with older people

NHS.UK – the website of the NHS

Independent Age – an organisation producing information and providing support to older people

You may also find it useful to use Google to find your local Council’s website as this will provide useful information on services in your area. You can find out the name of your local council on the GOV.UK website.


Age-related Issues

Death & Benefits – general information (Gov.UK)

Money & legal (inc a Benefits Check) (Age UK)

Health & wellbeing (Age UK)

Social care (Age UK)

Work & learning (Age UK)

Age UK advice line and help finding your local Age UK group (Age UK)

Befriending services (Age UK)

TV licence concessions (Age UK)

Free prescriptions for Over 60s (Age UK)

End of life planning (inc. power of attorney, making a will & living wills) (Age UK)

Equity release (Age UK)

Inheritance Tax (Age UK)

Pensions Advice (including State Pension Age, annuities, and tracing old pensions) (Age UK)

GP services for older people (Age UK)

Advice on loneliness (Age UK)

Relationships and family (Age UK)

How to adjust to living alone (Age UK)

Home adaptations (Age UK)

How to find a good tradesperson (Age UK)

Telecare – technology for living more independently (Age UK)

Paying for care (Age UK)

Problems with a care home (Age UK)

Help for carers looking after a loved one (Age UK)

Home safety – inc. crime prevention (Age UK)

Housing options (Age UK)

Specialist housing options (Age UK)

Owning a pet (Age UK)

Ageism (Age UK)

University of the Third Age (U3A) (Age UK)

U3A official site

Age UK IT Training (Age UK)

Preparing emotionally for retirement (Age UK)

Technology & internet – including a glossary of digital terms (Age UK)

Staying safe online (Age UK)

Dental services for older people (Age UK)



Types of Benefit

Benefits and entitlements (Age UK)

Universal Credit (GOV.UK)

Universal Credit (Age UK)

Attendance Allowance – age 65 and over (GOV.UK)

Attendance Allowance (Age UK)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – ages 16-64 (GOV.UK)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) (Age UK)

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – under 16s only (GOV.UK)

–  Disability Living Allowance (Age UK)

Blind Person’s Allowance (GOV.UK)

Carer’s Allowance (GOV.UK)

Carer’s Allowance- report changes to your circumstances (GOV.UK)

Carer’s Credit (GOV.UK)

Disability Premiums (GOV.UK)

Disabled Facilities Grants (GOV.UK)

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) (GOV.UK)

Pension Credit (Age UK)

Income Support (GOV.UK)

Income Support (Age UK)

Financial help if you’re disabled (GOV.UK)

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (GOV.UK)

Reduced Earnings Allowance (GOV.UK)

Jobseeker’s Allowance and low-income benefits overview (GOV.UK)

Specialist Employability Support (GOV.UK)

Tax credits (GOV.UK)

Personal care budgets (GOV.UK)

Free prescriptions for over 60s (Age UK)

Winter fuel payment (Age UK)

Cold weather payment (Age UK)

Bereavement benefits (Age UK)

TV licence concessions (Age UK)

Council Tax support (Age UK)

Housing Benefit (Age UK)

Free bus pass and transport concessions (Age UK)

Benefits resources

Changes to the benefits system (Age UK)

Benefits calculators (links to non-government organisations) (GOV.UK)

Disability Service Centre – for existing DLA, AA, or PIP claims (GOV.UK)

Becoming an appointee for someone claiming benefits (GOV.UK)

An overview of how benefits work (GOV.UK)

An overview of carer and disability benefits (GOV.UK)

Death and benefits (GOV.UK)

Heating and housing benefits (GOV.UK)

Support for Mortgage Interest (now a loan rather than a benefit) (Age UK)

How your benefits are means-tested (Age UK)

How to challenge a benefit decision (Age UK)

How to get help with urgent or one-off expenses (Age UK)

Free bus pass and transport concessions (Age UK)


Getting care

Social care & support guide (NHS.UK)

Changes to care and support (GOV.UK)

Help from social services and charities (NHS.UK)

Care & Support (Age UK)

Finding and arranging social care (Age UK)

Getting a needs assessment (NHS.UK)

Home help (NHS.UK)

Care homes (NHS.UK)

Care homes overview (Age UK)

Housing options (Age UK)

Finding a care home (Age UK)

Paying for residential care (Age UK)

NHS continuing healthcare (NHS.UK)

How to complain about care to your local council (Age UK)

Problems with a care home (Age UK)

Homeshare UK – a network of organisations that bring together people with spare rooms with people who are happy to chat and lend a hand around the house in return for affordable, sociable accommodation

Help for carers

Carers UK – a UK charity supporting carers

Carers Trust a UK charity supporting carers

Carers’ breaks and respite homes (NHS.UK)

Support & benefits for carers (NHS.UK)

Financial support for carers (Age UK)

Advice for being a carer and working (Age UK)

Caring for someone with dementia (Age UK)

Caring for someone who’s lonely (Age UK)

When your caring role has changed (Age UK)

Contact the Carer’s Allowance Unit (GOV.UK)

How to complain about care to your local council (Age UK)

Problems with a care home (Age UK)


Legal Assistance

Legal Aid Agency – you can find out here whether you are eligible for Legal Aid

Citizens Advice – charity providing advice online, by phone, and face-to-face

Legal issues (Age UK)


General useful information from Age UK

Debt and savings

Financial jargon guide

How to trace lost money

Income & Tax

Legal issues

Living wills

Making a will

Power of attorney

What executors do

Pension advice

The new State Pension

Pension scams

Workplace pensions

Health services (inc. hospital stays and accessing services)

Your healthcare rights

Complaining about NHS services


Mind & body



Financial help if you’re disabled (GOV.UK)

Disability Service Centre – for existing DLA, AA, or PIP claims (GOV.UK)

What to do if you become disabled (Gov.UK)

Disabled People – general information (Gov.UK)

Transport concessions for disabled people (Age UK)


Health Issues

Health & Wellbeing (Age UK)

Mind & body (Age UK)

Fitness – including fall prevention and tips for walking (Age UK)

Healthy eating (Age UK)

Conditions and illnesses (Age UK)

Dementia (Age UK)

Osteoporosis (Age UK)

Incontinence (Age UK)

Depression and anxiety (Age UK)

Eye health (Age UK)

Hearing loss (Age UK)

Influenza (Flu) (Age UK)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (Age UK)

8 health tests that could save your life (Age UK)

Getting the most out of your medicines (Age UK)

Vitamins for older people (Age UK)


Other resources

Occupational Therapy (GOV.UK)


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