Philosophy As a Way of Life - Life Journey

Free online presentations on the the theme of LIFE JOURNEY from Philosophy As a Way of Life students 7.00pm Wednesdays in August. 

Zoom Link: pwd=cFB2blRrVHJRUElvMTVtSitBeFl3QT09

10th August

There’s joy to be had in thinking of others

Barbara Billings, Eva Eggar and Luigi Vincenti, all of whom haver been involved with the caring for others both in the UK, in Europe and Africa, will speak about how their experiences have been informed by their study of philosophy.

17th August

What I wished I asked my grandfather if only I’d thought of it when I had the opportunity.

A conversation between Maddie Twamley, who is 17 and preparing to go to university to study philosophy, and David Fletcher, who is 90 and devoted to philosophy for all his adult life. It will provide an opportunity to discover what David considers to be the delights of philosophy and for David to ask Maddie about the ideals she hopes to realise in her life as a student of philosophy.

24th August

It was a great idea at the time.

An interview with Pete Blumson, who in the 1950s, having left his grammar school at 16 went on to form a pop group, which still has a loyal following of fans throughout the world to this day. Amongst other things he’ll be asked why, instead of going on with his education, he decided to go into rock and roll, and then, why at the height of his success, he turned his back on the pop industry to devote himself to the study of philosophy, mathematics and musicology.

31st August

What makes you think angels aren’t black?

Rosa Lewis, who comes from a tradition of educators dating back to her grandfather, who in the 1920s donated land and materials for the building a school for black children in Charleston South Carolina. She will be in conversation about her heritage and the role philosophy has played in her long life as a teacher and black community leader.