Summer Evening#Event 4: 26 August 2021

Meet the Stoics: Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius

Speaker: Christine Lambie, MA and Graham Blackbourn PhD

Stoicism began in Greece in the 4th century BC and was adopted in the Roman world as a path to tranquility of mind and moral courage.

In this lecture and workshop, classicists Christine Lambie and Graham Blackbourn will show how Stoic philosophy is essential in today’s world.


Christine Lambie

Being brought up in America, Italy and Belgium gave Christine a keen interest in languages. She initially studied classics, with a special interest in Platonic philosophy. Some years later she turned to Sanskrit and completed a Master’s degree at SOAS with focus on Sanskrit language and particularly Indian philosophy.

Graham Blackbourn

Raised in Kent, Graham was drawn to science and, bizarrely, ancient Greece, teaching himself the Greek alphabet in primary school from the ‘Observer’s Book of Astronomy’.  After joining the School of Philosophy and Economic Science aged 17, he read Maths and Physics at university, ending in Edinburgh with a PhD in Geology and in the fledgling Scottish branch of the School.

Graham runs a geological consultancy specialising in Central Asia and the Caucasus.  Since his children grew up he has gained a Classics BA, an MSc-by-Research in Greek philosophy, and now studies for a PhD at Edinburgh University.

In the Edinburgh School he oversees the early Philosophy groups, and looks forward once more to tutoring the introductory Philosophy course.